Audit Committee

  1. The audit committee is appointed by City Council. The audit committee is comprised of two non-voting City Council members and three voting citizens.  Members have a term of appointment for three years and can be re-appointed by City Council.Committee members
  2. The audit committee shall consult with the city auditor  regarding technical issues and work to assure maximum coordination between work of the office of the city auditor and external audit efforts.
  3. The audit committee shall meet as needed to perform its duties but shall not meet less than three (3) times annually and shall be responsible for:
    • Reviewing the city auditor's annual plan and budget before submission to council.
    • Reviewing audit reports upon issuance;
    • Monitoring follow-up on reported findings to assure corrective action is taken;
    • Reporting to council on problems or problem areas at such times as deemed appropriate;
    • Performing an evaluation of the city auditor annually and reporting the results of the evaluation and effectiveness of the audit function to council;
    • Reviewing reports of the external auditors; and
    • Evaluating the findings and recommendations of the peer review of the audit function as required by Government Auditing Standards.
Audit Committee Members Emil Espiritu, Karen Hill, and Steven Sandoval. (Not pictured - City Council members, Guy Tower and Louis Jones​)
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