Booth Rentals


 Craft Show & Daily Craft Rental

  • All crafts must be handmade by the person selling the crafts; no resale items may be sold on premises unless approved by Management
  • Crafts must be family-oriented in nature
  • Craft Vendors are responsible for any required permits, taxes, fees, license(s), etc.
  • Market staff has the right to refuse items from being sold that are offensive to visitors

Craft Show Event Registration Fees:

  • Food/Drink Vendor $50.00
  • Per 10’ x 10’ Covered space: $50.00 (One 6’ table provided, spaces are limited)
  • Per 9’ x 12’ Uncovered space: $40.00 (Table not provided, spaces are limited)
  • Day of Show Registration: Additional $10.00 per space (if available)

Daily Craft Vendor Information:

Daily Craft Vendor - Regular Rates (Non-Event days) . Click here for an application​.

Daily​ $30 per 10’x10’ space​
​Weekly ​$50 per 10’x10’ space
​Table Rental ​$5 per table
​Electric Fee ​$4 per space daily ($8 weekly)
​Water Fee ​$3 per space daily ($6 weekly) 

Prices For Uncovered Parking Lot Space: Each uncovered space is approximately 9’ x 12'

​Daily $20 per space
​Weekly ​$40 per space
​Table Rental ​$5 per table​

  • Make checks payable to: Treasurer, City of Virginia Beach
  • Note: Post-dated checks will not be accepted
  • Set Up time: 8:30 a.m., not before
  • Craft Vendors will be assigned a space number. Vehicles are to be unloaded as quickly as possible and moved to the grass parking lot, (weather conditions permitting), or the overflow lot at Public Works.
  • No tent, canopy or other type of shade structure may be hammered into the craft sale area. Weights or filled buckets must be used for all canopy structures.
  • All Craft Vendors must remove any trash from the grounds and all items must be off the premises by 5 p.m. 

 Daily Agriculture Sales

Daily Agriculture Vendor Fees: 

Please c​lick here for an application.

Covered spaces:

​$25 per space
​Weekly ​$40 per space
​Table Rental ​$5 per table
​Electric Fee ​$4 per space daily ($8.00 weekly)
​Water Fee ​$3 per space daily ($6.00 weekly)

  • Sales in Building 4 the (Pavilion) Covered Area – are for non-leased growers, producers and unique agriculture products only
  • All vendors must submit Agriculture Form and be approved by Management prior to set up. *Management holds the right to approve any vendor it deems fit*
  • Each covered space is approximately 10’ x 10’
  • Set up is at 8:30 a.m., not before. Daily rentals are on a first come - first paid basis
  • Vendor has sole responsibility for any required permits; tax, fees, license, etc.

Uncovered spaces:

​​Daily ​$15 per space
​Weekly ​$25 per space
​Table Rental ​$5 per table

  • Tents/Canopies cannot exceed the boundaries of the parking space. They must be weighted down, not staked into pavement.​
  • Each uncovered space is approximately 9' x 12.'
  • Set up is at 8:30 a.m., not before. Only designated areas can be used; items may not be placed in area outside
    of rented area. 

Vendor Guidelines

  • The business/individuals are responsible for any required permits, taxes, fees, license(s), etc.
  • Solicitation outside your space is prohibited
  • Each vendor must clean the space used and bag all trash, including discarded produce. All trash must be removed from the site.
  • Vendor’s signs are to be in their immediate sales area only and are not to be placed in any other area of the Market including lawn, median, walkway rails, and planting area
  • Make checks payable to: Treasurer, City of Virginia Beach
  • Refunds are not given for any reason. Management reserves the right to amend guidelines as it deems fit

Pumpkin sales & Christmas tree sales fall under separate pricing and guidelines (see management for details.)

For more information call the Market Office at 757-385-4388.​