Booth Rentals


 Craft Show & Daily Craft Rental

  • All crafts must be handmade by the person selling the crafts; no resale items may be sold on premises
  • Crafts must be family-oriented in nature
  • Craft Vendors are responsible for any required permits, taxes, fees, license(s), etc.
  • Market staff has the right to refuse items from being sold that are offensive to visitors

Craft Show Registration Fees:

  • Food/Drink Vendor $50.00
  • Per 10’ x 10’ Covered space: $50.00 (One (6’) table provided, spaces are limited)
  • Per 9’ x 12’ Uncovered space: $40.00 (Table not provided, spaces are limited)
  • Day of Show Registration: $50.00 per space (if available)

All Craft Show Events are scheduled from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Events are Rain or Shine, No Refunds.

Daily Craft Vendor - Regular Rates (Non-Event days) 

Daily​ $30 per 10’x10’ space​
​Weekly ​$50 per 10’x10’ space
​Table Rental ​$5 per table
​Electric Fee ​$4 per space daily ($8 weekly)
​Water Fee ​$3 per space daily ($6 weekly) 

Prices For Uncovered Parking Lot Space: Each uncovered space is approximately 9’ x 12

​Daily ​$20 per space
​Weekly ​$40 per space
​Table Rental ​$5 per table​

  • Make checks payable to: Treasurer, City of Virginia Beach
  • Note: Post-dated checks will not be accepted
  • Setting up:
  • Set Up time: 8:30 a.m., not before
  • Craft Vendors will be assigned a space number. Vehicles are to be unloaded as quickly as possible and moved to the grass parking lot, (weather conditions permitting), or the overflow lot at Public Works.
  • No tent, canopy or other type of shade structure may be hammered into the craft sale area. Weights or filled buckets must be used for all canopy structures.
  • All Craft Vendors must remove any trash from the grounds and all items must be off the premises by 5 p.m. 

 Daily Agriculture Sales

Covered Areas - Each covered space is approximately 10'x10'


​$25 per space
​Weekly ​$40 per space
​Table Rental ​$5 per table
​Electric Fee ​$4 per space daily ($8.00 weekly)
​Water Fee ​$3 per space daily ($6.00 weekly)

  • Sales in Building 4 the (Pavilion) Covered Area – are for non-leased growers, producers and unique agriculture products only
  • All vendors must submit Agriculture Form and be approved by Management prior to set up. *Management holds the right to approve any vendor it deems fit*
  • Each covered space is approximately 10’ x 10’
  • Set up is at 8:30 a.m., not before. Daily rentals are on a firstcome-first-paid basis
  • Vendor has sole responsibility for any required permits; tax, fees, license, etc.

​Parking Lot area (Uncovered) – Each uncovered space is approximately 9’x12'


​​Daily ​$15 per space
​Weekly ​$25 per space
​Table Rental ​$5 per table

  • Tents/Canopies cannot exceed the boundaries of the parking space
  • An 8’x8’ tent is the preferred size
  • Set up is at 8:30 a.m., not before. Only designated areas can be used; items may not be placed in area outside
  • of rented area. Tents/Canopies are permitted, they must be weighted down, not staked into pavement.

Vendor Guidelines

  • The business/individuals are responsible for any required permits, taxes, fees, license( s), etc.
  • Solicitation outside your saleable space is prohibited
  • Each vendor must clean the space used and bag all trash, including discarded produce. All trash must be removed from the site.
  • Vendor’s signs are to be in their immediate sales area only and are not to be placed in any other area ofthe Market including lawn, median, walkway rails, and planting area
  • Make checks payable to: Treasurer, City of Virginia Beach
  • Refunds are not given for any reason. Management reserves the right to amend guidelines as it deems fit

Pumpkin sales & Christmas tree sales fall under separate pricing and guidelines (see management for details.)

​Vendor Applications

For more information call the Market Office at 757-385-4388.​