4-H Ham Project

The 4-H Ham Project is an annual "hands-on" educational meats project to salt cure whole hams.

​​​​​​​​​The Ham Project begins with a tour of the Gwaltney Plant in Smithfield and then participants go to the Virginia Beach Farmer's Market to start the ham curing process. After several weeks, the hams will be moved to three smokehouses in Virginia Beach where the project will continue. The project runs from late January and ends with a ham show and display at the Virginia Beach 4-H Livestock Show and Sale in May/June.   ​ THE PROJECT IS FULL FOR 2018.  CONTACT THE 4-H OFFICE IF YOU WISH TO BE PUT ON THE EMAIL LIST FOR 2019.  


​Contact the Virginia Beach Extension Office at (757) 385-8153​ for more information about this and many other available projects.
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