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​​​​​Through the online Virginia Beach City Code, users can search specific city regulations and ordinances. This link will open a new window to the Municipal Code Corporation (MCC) website where our online City Code is maintained. The left frame lists the chapters and appendices in the City Code. Click the + signs to expand the list or click the title to go to that location in the Code. You can also use the Search feature to find sections of the Code pertaining to a particular subject.

The following Development Ordinances are listed as appendices to the City Code:
  • Appendix A - Zoning Ordinance
  • Appendix B - Subdivision Regulations
  • Appendix C - Site Plan Ordinance
  • Appendix D - Stormwater Management
  • Appendix E - Tree Planting, Preservation and Replacement
  • Appendix F - Chesapeake Bay Preservation Area Ordinance
  • Appendix G - Southern Watersheds Management Ordinance
  • Appendix H - Storm Sewer System Discharge Ordinance
  • Appendix I - Airport Noise Attenuation and Safety Ordinance
  • Appendix J - Agricultural Reserve Program
Amendments to the City Code are usually included within two months of approval by City Council. Recent amendments are listed on the Recent City Code Amendments page. Paper and electronic copies of the Virginia Beach City Code and Development Ordinances are available for purchase from the Municipal Code Corporation (MCC) website or by contacting MCC at the address, phone number, or email below:

Municipal Code Corporation
P.O. Box 2235
Tallahassee, FL 32316-2235
Phone: (850) 576-3171
Fax: (850) 575-8852​​

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