Home Based Business

​​​​Home based businesses require a Business License and must provide proof of residency and complete the Restrictions for Home Use form. If you are locating near NAS Oceana, please read the notice, "New Businesses Locating near NAS Oceana". Home based businesses are allowed under the following circumstances without a Conditional Use Permit:
  • ​The business use of the home is clearly incidental and subordinate to the residential use of the home. There is no change in the outside appearance of the home or lot and no noise that can be heard from the street or neighboring property.
  • There is no traffic generated beyond what would normally be expected in the neighborhood. Vehicles associated with the business, including customers, are parked in the driveway and not on the street.
  • Only one commercial vehicle is permitted as long as its carrying capacity is one ton or less, its height is seven feet (7') or less, and its length is 20 feet or less.
  • The person operating the business lives in the home.
  • No person other than members of the immediate family who also live in the home are employed by the business. (With a Conditional Use Permit, one employee who does not reside in the home is permitted in addition to family members who live in the home).
  • The business must be located only in the principal structure on the lot (cannot be located in an accessory structure unless a Conditional Use Permit is approved).
  • There are no sales of products or merchandise to the general public.
  • No more than one patron, customer, or pupil may be present at one time (unless a Conditional Use Permit is approved).
The following businesses are specifically not permitted in the home: convalescent or nursing homes, tourist homes, massage or tattoo parlors, body piercing establishments, radio or television repair shops, and auto repair shops.
Some home businesses require a Conditional Use Permit. Contact the Zoning Office at
(757) 385-8074 to find out if a Conditional Use Permit is required. If a Conditional Use Permit is required, contact the Planning Department at (757) 385-4621 and ask to speak to a Current Planner or download the   Conditional Use Permit Appli​cation Package  and read about the application process.
Don't forget to get your business license.
For more detailed information on home businesses/occupations, see "Accessory Activities Operated for Profit in a Residential Dwelling..." in Section 501(b)(5); the definition of "Home Occupation" in Section 111 (Definitions); and Section 234 (Conditional Uses and Structures: Home Occupations) of Appendix A, Zoning Ordinance of the Virginia Beach City Code or contact the Zoning Office at (757) 385-8074.
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