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City Council Special Formal Session - 11/24/2015

Posted: November 24, 2015

Virginia Beach City Council Meeting - Special Formal Session, held November 24, 2015.

City Council

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June 8, 2012Police and Citizen Awards Ceremony - J… Bike PSA - Share the RoadBike PSA - Share the Road Mom Always Said #4Mom Always Said #4 Mom Always Said #5Mom Always Said #5 Mom Always Said #3Mom Always Said #3 Mom Always Said #2Mom Always Said #2 Mom Always Said #1Mom Always Said #1 The Path to Energy EfficiencyThe Path to Energy Efficiency Parking Meter Demonstration AParking Meter Demonstration A Parking Meter Demonstration BParking Meter Demonstration B Williams Farm Recreation Center PreviewWilliams Farm Recreation Center Previe… City Bonds 101City Bonds 101 Mayor's ECCS Proclamation 2012Mayor's ECCS Proclamation 2012 How in the World, Vol. 11, #1How in the World, Vol. 11, #1 Eat Local, Buy Local ChallengeEat Local, Buy Local Challenge Owl's Creek Master PlanOwl's Creek Master Plan Minority Business Council OverviewMinority Business Council Overview Landfill Closed On MondaysLandfill Closed On Mondays Visitor Center Earns ENERGY STAR CertificationVisitor Center Earns ENERGY STAR Certi… 52nd Police Recruit Graduation Ceremonies & Crime Decreases in 201152nd Police Recruit Graduation Ceremon… Superintendent Outlines Planned Budget CutsSuperintendent Outlines Planned Budget… CrimeSolvers PSACrimeSolvers PSA TCC Regional Health Professions CenterTCC Regional Health Professions Center Sandler Center Sandler Center "Access the Arts" 2011 City Manager's Year in Review2011 City Manager's Year in Review How in the World, Vol. 10, #2  (30:00)How in the World, Vol. 10, #2 (30:00) How in the World, Vol. 10, #1  (29:00)How in the World, Vol. 10, #1 (29:00) How in the World, Vol. 9, #1  (29:00)How in the World, Vol. 9, #1 (29:00) How in the World, Vol. 8, #2  (30:00)How in the World, Vol. 8, #2 (30:00) How In The World, Vol. 8, #1  (30:00)How In The World, Vol. 8, #1 (30:00) Protecting Your Pet During Hurricane SeasonProtecting Your Pet During Hurricane S… How Well Do You Know Your City?How Well Do You Know Your City? New Waste Management FeeNew Waste Management Fee Virginia Aquarium Dolphin Watching ToursVirginia Aquarium Dolphin Watching Tou… New Features at Recreation Centers  (1:46)New Features at Recreation Centers (1… Emergency Medical Services 45-sec. CommercialEmergency Medical Services 45-sec. Com… Financial Planning Day:  Betsy DukeFinancial Planning Day: Betsy Duke Right Turn on Red VideoRight Turn on Red Video Minority Business Council Expo, November 2012Minority Business Council Expo, Novemb… Virginia is for LivingVirginia is for Living Financial Planning Day, October 22, 2011Financial Planning Day, October 22, 20… Virginia Beach Volunteer VideoVirginia Beach Volunteer Video Early Intervention ProgramEarly Intervention Program Meet the Librarian:  Joni KlemencicMeet the Librarian: Joni Klemencic Joy in Our TownJoy in Our Town Emergency Medical Services Program OverviewEmergency Medical Services Program Ove… Meet the Librarian:  Matt LighthartMeet the Librarian: Matt Lighthart Meet the Librarian:  Matthew RobertsonMeet the Librarian: Matthew Robertson Drain Markers ProgramDrain Markers Program City of Virginia Beach VolunteersCity of Virginia Beach Volunteers Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squads  (8:25)Virginia Beach Volunteer Rescue Squads… Oh, Rats!  (7:50)Oh, Rats! (7:50) Virginia Beach Virtual Tour  (4:00)Virginia Beach Virtual Tour (4:00) Storytime V2#1:  Wind  (04:30)Storytime V2#1: Wind (04:30) Storytime V1#3:  Christmas Tree  (05:53)Storytime V1#3: Christmas Tree (05:5… Storytime V1#2:  Killer Mosquitoes  (05:15)Storytime V1#2: Killer Mosquitoes (0… Storytime V1#1:  Wicked John  (13:18)Storytime V1#1: Wicked John (13:18) Mayor's Pre-Bid Remarks  (2:16)Mayor's Pre-Bid Remarks (2:16) In the Works, Vol. 4, #1  (25:40)In the Works, Vol. 4, #1 (25:40) In the Works, Vol. 3, #2  (30:00)In the Works, Vol. 3, #2 (30:00) In the Works, Vol. 3, #1  (28:00)In the Works, Vol. 3, #1 (28:00) In the Works, Vol. 2, #4  (30:00)In the Works, Vol. 2, #4 (30:00) In the Works, Vol. 2, #3  (28:00)In the Works, Vol. 2, #3 (28:00) In the Works, Vol. 2, #2  (25:28)In the Works, Vol. 2, #2 (25:28) Office of Volunteer Resources 2010 Annual ReportOffice of Volunteer Resources 2010 Ann… Seniors Staying Healthy:  Preventing Falls  (8:22)Seniors Staying Healthy: Preventing F… Green Infrastructure  (12:30)Green Infrastructure (12:30) VBFD Physical Agility Test  (6:00)VBFD Physical Agility Test (6:00) What's in Store for our Region and Virginia Beach, 2011 – 2040  (1hr 5min)What's in Store for our Region and Vir… Seven Signs of TerrorismSeven Signs of Terrorism It's on the Lid  (5:29)It's on the Lid (5:29) Helping Your Child Get Ready To Learn  (6:25)Helping Your Child Get Ready To Learn… ReUse Dos  (4:25)ReUse Dos (4:25) Property Assessment and You  (11:15)Property Assessment and You (11:15) Tap Water Delivers  (:30)Tap Water Delivers (:30) Police Recruitment Video  (6:10)Police Recruitment Video (6:10) Police Recruitment  (1:00)Police Recruitment (1:00) School Volunteers and Partners In Education – You Are Our Champions!School Volunteers and Partners In Educ… Virginia is for Living  (8:41)Virginia is for Living (8:41) Mulch Mow PSA  (:30)Mulch Mow PSA (:30) Fast Facts:  911  (2:00)Fast Facts: 911 (2:00) Envision Virginia Beach 2040Envision Virginia Beach 2040 Environmental Crimes  (9:00)Environmental Crimes (9:00) Black Law Enforcement Pioneers CeremonyBlack Law Enforcement Pioneers Ceremon… VB EMS Message:  Deputy Chief Kiley  (1:44)VB EMS Message: Deputy Chief Kiley (… VB EMS Message:  Chief Bruce Edwards  (1:30)VB EMS Message: Chief Bruce Edwards … Flashing Yellow Arrow, Left-Turn Traffic SignalsFlashing Yellow Arrow, Left-Turn Traff… Envision Transportation #4  (56 min)Envision Transportation #4 (56 min) Envision Transportation #3  (1 hr 58 min)Envision Transportation #3 (1 hr 58 m… Envision Transportation #2  (1 hr 45 min)Envision Transportation #2 (1 hr 45 m… Envision Transportation #1  (1 hr 31 min)Envision Transportation #1 (1 hr 31 m… Before and After School Programs  (3:07)Before and After School Programs (3:0… Virginia Beach OpportunitiesVirginia Beach Opportunities In Virginia Beach, diversity is what we know.  And what we embrace.In Virginia Beach, diversity is what w… Virginia Beach provides opportunities for biotech companies to thrive.Virginia Beach provides opportunities… Studio CenterStudio Center Why choose to locate in Virginia Beach?Why choose to locate in Virginia Beach… The cost of doing business in Virginia BeachThe cost of doing business in Virginia… Powerful Forces at WorkPowerful Forces at Work Why are you headquartered in Virginia Beach?Why are you headquartered in Virginia… Adding strength to the City of Virginia Beach’s creative classAdding strength to the City of Virgini… Expanding in Virginia Beach and around the worldExpanding in Virginia Beach and around… Why choose to locate in Virginia Beach?Why choose to locate in Virginia Beach… Why did Geico choose Virginia Beach?Why did Geico choose Virginia Beach? Guenter Weissenseel, President, IMS Gear Virginia, Inc.Guenter Weissenseel, President, IMS Ge… The largest Naval concentration in the worldThe largest Naval concentration in the… How has Virginia Beach benefited your company?How has Virginia Beach benefited your… Why hire ex-military personnel?Why hire ex-military personnel? How in the World, Vol. 12, #1How in the World, Vol. 12, #1 In Working OrderIn Working Order Boats to Bikes, TLG ConferenceBoats to Bikes, TLG Conference Value of Green SpaceValue of Green Space Convention Center Hotel PresentationConvention Center Hotel Presentation Tips on Winterizing Your HomeTips on Winterizing Your Home Princess Anne Road Project and Nimmo Parkway Expansion UpdatePrincess Anne Road Project and Nimmo P… VBPD Promotion & Retirement Ceremony 2011VBPD Promotion & Retirement Ceremony 2… 2nd Police Precinct Community Open House Event2nd Police Precinct Community Open Hou… Whatz UR Goal?  Whatz UR Goal? "Max" Whatz UR Goal?  Whatz UR Goal? "Matt" Whatz UR Goal?  Whatz UR Goal? "Kelly" Whatz UR Goal?  Whatz UR Goal? "Erin" Whatz UR Goal?  Whatz UR Goal? "Emily" Whatz UR Goal?  Whatz UR Goal? "Hayley" Whatz UR Goal?  Whatz UR Goal? "DJ" Whatz UR Goal?  Whatz UR Goal? "Ben" Whatz UR Goal?  Whatz UR Goal? "Beth" Virginia Beach Mounted Patrol OverviewVirginia Beach Mounted Patrol Overview Virginia Beach Mounted Patrol Officer HighlightVirginia Beach Mounted Patrol Officer… Police Department 2nd Precinct Open House - October 22, 2011Police Department 2nd Precinct Open Ho… eBooks Now AvailableeBooks Now Available Crime Prevention Tip of the Month:  Halloween SafetyCrime Prevention Tip of the Month: Ha… New Waste Management Fees & WhyNew Waste Management Fees & Why Waste Management in Virginia BeachWaste Management in Virginia Beach Open Space segment (In The Works)Open Space segment (In The Works) Aging Infrastructure:  Maintaining Our Investment  (8:23)Aging Infrastructure: Maintaining Our… A Healthy Day in Virginia Beach  (6:00)A Healthy Day in Virginia Beach (6:00… Form-Based Code PresentationForm-Based Code Presentation Full Potential  (9:14)Full Potential (9:14) Community MemoriesCommunity Memories A skilled workforce, right in our backyard.A skilled workforce, right in our back… Neptune:  Making the MythNeptune: Making the Myth Energy Solutions TodayEnergy Solutions Today City Council Formal - 07/02/2013City Council Formal - 07/02/2013 City Council Informal - 04/09/2013City Council Informal - 04/09/2013